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Mesa White Collar Crime Attorneys

Accused of Identity Theft or Fraud?

Anyone who creates, purchases, records, takes, possesses or uses another person’s identifying information without their consent for any illegal purpose commits identity theft. Our white collar crime attorneys defend persons accused of identity theft as well as other white collar crimes.

The presence of certain elements upgrades the charge to aggravated identity theft.  Stealing someone’s identity to obtain employment, if the theft caused the victim to suffer $1,000 or more in losses and the theft of 3 or more identities constitutes aggravated identity theft and is considered a Class 3 felony in Arizona.

Selling, transferring or transmitting another person’s personal identifying information without that person’s consent for illegal purposes is a crime of trafficking and is a Class 2 felony.

A conviction for identity theft may result in prison time and significant fines.  The law allows for enhanced penalties if you have already been convicted of other crimes, or if there are mitigating or aggravating factors present.

Incarceration terms can vary dramatically depending on the circumstances of the individual case and the defendant’s criminal history.  A Class 2 felony can carry a prison term of anywhere from 3 to 35 years.  Fines can range from small amounts to $150,000.  Probation for a Class 3 felony can last up to 5 years and 7 years for a Class 2 felony.  Under the terms of probation, all fines must be paid together with restitution which will depend on how much loss the victim suffered.  Unlike the fines, restitution is paid to the victim.

Our identity theft lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with these types of crimes.  If you have been charged with identity theft or think you may be under investigation, contact our criminal defense law firm.  Our attorneys will review your case and determine if there are aspects that may be challenged in court.  We use a wide array of strategies to fight your case with your acquittal as our primary goal.  If the prosecution has a strong case and you do not wish to go to trial, we will plead down the charges or lessen the penalties you may have to face.

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