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Avoid Drunk Driving Penalties

The stringent Arizona penalties that may result from a DUI conviction make hiring an affordable DUI attorney a necessity.  You can face jail time for even the very first offense with a .08 BAC.

There are a few things you can expect after being pulled over if the police officer suspects you may have been drinking.  First of all, they will ask if you had anything to drink while watching how well you form your words, if you are slurring your speech or are showing any other signs of impairment.  They will look at your eyes to see if they are glassy and glance inside your vehicle for any alcohol containers or any other such evidence.  After they ask you to step out of your car you will most likely be given a coordination or field sobriety tests.  These tests may be videotaped and unlike a breath or a blood test, the results are not objective.  Meaning it is up to the opinion of the observing officer to make a determination if you are impaired or not.  If the police believe your balance or dexterity are impaired, you will be detained and further action will be taken.  You should not submit to this type of subjective analysis.

Furthermore, the police are required to read you your Miranda rights before asking questions.  If that is not done the Mesa DUI lawyers have grounds to have any evidence obtained from the interrogation thrown out of court.

Starting with the first interaction between you and the police, they have strict guidelines they must follow in how they handle every step.  Any deviation on their part is to your benefit and will be used by a DUI lawyer to have the charges dismissed.

The attorneys at Mesa DUI Attorney & Criminal Defense Law Firm are experts in exactly what those rules are and have a successful track record of hundreds of cases to prove it.  However, it is also in your best interest to be familiar with the correct procedures and to know when the arresting officers are not acting in accordance with them.

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