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Best DUI Attorneys in Mesa

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

DUI charges in Arizona are divided into 3 tiers. You can be charged with a regular DUI or DWI if your BAC is .08-.149 or there are drugs. There is a 10 day minimum jail time for this offense, however 9 days can be suspended if you complete mandatory attendance at alcohol screening, attend all the recommended classes and pay the minimum fine and surcharge. The maximum jail time for the first DUI/DWI offense is 6 months. In addition, the court will order an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) for 1 year. This device requires you to blow into it every time you want to start the car and each 15 minutes afterwards to keep the ignition on.

You may be charged with extreme DUI/DWI if your BAC is between .150 and .199. A conviction results in at least 30 days in jail, a $2,500 fine, mandatory alcohol classes and an IID on your vehicle for 1 year. In some cases, you may be ordered to wear a continuous alcohol monitoring device on your ankle for several months.

You can be charged with a super extreme DUI/DWI if your BAC is .20 and above. Penalties include a mandatory minimum of 45 days in jail, a $2,750 fine, alcohol classes and 18 months of an IID attached to your vehicle. You may also be ordered to wear a continuous alcohol monitoring device on your ankle for several months, and randomly blow into a telephonic breath testing device 2 times a day.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have a defense to the criminal allegations against you and the criminal defense attorneys at Mesa DUI Attorney & Criminal Defense Law Firm will find it. Our best DUI lawyers will utilize everything at their disposal to give you the best chance of an acquittal or a reduction in penalties.

You have a constitutional right to remain silent, it prevents the arresting officer from asking too many questions because you may not know their purpose and be tricked into making statements which could be misconstrued and used against you in court. It’s best to not answer any questions or admit anything.

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