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Charged with a Domestic Violence?

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A person may be charged with domestic violence if an assault incident involves two or more people who live together, are somehow related, or were romantically involved at any point.  An ‘injury’ is any type of red mark or a scratch.  Domestic violence assault is charged under A.R.S. §13-3601 and carries additional penalties on top of those imposed for regular assault.  With a domestic violence conviction on their record, a person can no  longer legally carry a firearm.  You can lose your job if you are a police officer, in the military, or a security guard, where a gun is required for continued employment.

A domestic violence conviction can also be used against a parent in a child custody suit in a divorce proceeding.  You can not only lose custody, but visitation rights with your children as well.  If you are looking for a job, potential employers perform background checks and most times they will not hire people with a domestic violence conviction on their record.

Hiring a domestic violence attorney is your best defense against negative ramifications that will follow you for many years.  An affordable criminal defense lawyer can use self-defense as a plausible argument if you are accused of physically assaulting a roommate, family member or a romantic partner.  Many times, especially if alcohol is involved, the accuser may initiate the altercation and accidently injure themselves while attempting to injure the defendant.  In these situations, if the defendant is not injured they become the prime suspect.

The key to a successful domestic violence defense, many times, rests on eye witness testimony, physical evidence analysis, character evidence and any video footage.  As well as testimony from any witnesses the police didn’t question during the initial arrest.  These can oftentimes be critical in male/female altercations where the woman is usually automatically seen as a victim.

When the accuser changes their mind and wants to drop the charges, it is known as a recalcitrant witness.  Because the State is the one who brings charges and not the alleged victim, they can force the accuser to appear in court and testify against their will.  In cases where there is a recalcitrant witness, our attorneys can convince the prosecutor to either dismiss the charges, plead the case down to a lesser charge, or a non-domestic violence charge.

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